Covid-19 updates

21st October:

Just a reminder, we remain open for school aged children, pods of 15 but only have between 4 and 8 in a lesson.

Anyone worried about coming out of their 5k radius to travel for horse riding, see photo attached, exceptions given to travel out side that radius to travel to non contact sporting

20th October:

Given the new government restrictions, we will remain to STAY OPEN FOR SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN, our adult lessons will stop until further notice

We will still be working the same routine as the past few weeks, outdoors only, our team will meet you at the main yard where you will:

*sanitise on arrival
*put on your gloves
*mount and go to the arena
*return horse to staff member after lesson
*sanitise your hands and leave straight away.

Please bring the correct amount of money for your lesson in and envelope at the start of the lesson. Please arrive in your equipment and ready to ride, if you need to borrow a helmet, please use the hairnet we provide, leave equipment on the bench outside the main entrance as it will be disinfected after.

Parents avoid gatherings on the car park while waiting for the lesson. Drop your child and go, or remain in your own car for the duration, feel free to have a walk along the quite lanes while lessons take place

All tack will be disinfected after every rider, and alll staff will be wearing gloves and masks.

Horse riding is a non contact sport so we are very lucky to remain open in these strange times

A final reminder: if you have been sick and showing in covid symptoms, have been in contact with someone with covid,  just don’t feel comfortable in our environment, DO NOT COME TO HORSE RIDING, we must all think about out health.

To all our clients and customers, stay safe, keep washing the hands, we will pull through this, once again thank you all for your support in such a difficult year

6Th October:

Update on what’s happening at the stables:

From the recent announcement regarding our positioning of level 3, I have decided to keep lessons going, however we will be not going ahead with our 2 hour saddle club and 3 hour club rally. We are offering only 1 hour riding lessons in the same group to help minimise contact and movement.

The following must be adhered to while at the yard:

* 1 hour riding lesson, I will meet the ride at the main entrance of the yard, I will be wearing a mask to mount the riders and any of my staff also. Mask will be taken off for teaching.
* please bring your lesson fee on arrival in an envelope.
*arrive 5 mins early and pick on time is vital.
*please sanitize your hands before mounting and dismounting.
* gloves must be worn
*if you need to borrow a hat, you must put a hairnet on.
*avoid touching and rubbing and hugging the horse where possible.
*all parents to stay in the car when dropping and collecting if possible.
*no entry to the barn, unless the absolute need for the toilet, which will be disinfected after use.
*do not bring extra belongings to your lesson, just your riding equipment, the lockers are off limit.

As we are working solely outside, from the yard to the arena there no need for face masks as we will be able to maintain at least 1m on the ground and 2m on the horse, but off course masks can be worn at your own wish.All our staff and myself will wear our masks upon dealing with clients.

Regarding trekking, I am not in position to cater for tourist and visitors outside the Beara Penninsula at present. The less outside interaction and movement we have the better for now. I must also think about my own family and myself.

Please remember:

If you are a high risk, have been sick, in contact with people showing symptoms, have been showing symptoms yourself, or just don’t feel comfortable in our environment, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO HORSE RIDING.


Lios Lara Riding Stables offers a 5* livery service for its clients.

Here at Lios Lara Riding Stables we aim to provide the best possible care for your horse. We offer full livery at competitive prices, with packages tailored to meet both the individual client and their horse’s needs; this may include your horse being exercised or ridden by our team, or availing of our excellent tuition services.

Full livery includes:

  • Daily turnout
  • Grooming down after turnout
  • Rug changing when necessary
  • Hay feeding 4 times a day
  • Daily mucking out and bedding down
  • Feeding of the hard food.

As a responsible and well run yard, Lios Lara informs you when your horse needs shoeing, or teeth and back done. Our farrier comes to the yard regularly – fortnightly.

Availing of livery at Lios Lara yard gives you access to a:

  • Large outdoor flood light arena
  • Turnout pen
  • Turnout paddocks
  • Horse Walker
  • Quite lanes for hacking out
  • Easy access to Beara bridle paths

With on-site parking for horse boxes and cars, the yard is open to our liveries 7 days a week. Operating as a close knit family unit, here at the yard we always encourage everyone to ask our help or advice at anytime. Living on-site offers an added sense of security.

Currently full for the winter season, we aim to have more livery availability come spring. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about livery with differing packages and pricing.

Our Yard

We recently built a new yard of stables especially for our livery owners, in order for them to spend as much time as they want with their horse onsite without the disturbance of the riding school next door. This yard includes:

  • large alleyway for horses to access their stable
  • secure and private tack room
  • Private feed room
  • Private bathroom
  • Small kitchen appliances to boil water
  • Rug and bridle holders outside each stable.

Each stables consists of:

  • 12×12 area
  • Fully rubber matted
  • Tie up ring
  • Automatic water drinkers
  • Hay and hard food manager.

Other services

Breaking, training and schooling of the young horse can be done here at Lios Lara. Although a young woman, owner Annie has spent her life around horses and trained under the watchful eye of Pony Club instructor Christina, Senior Instructor at Lios Lara today. Annie has plenty knowledge in the training of young horses. Many of the horses and ponies at the school were in fact trained and schooled by Annie, some even bred by her.

For those moving onto the step of buying their own pony, Lios Lara would gladly help you in this process. One of Annie’s passions is to nab a good horse, school it and improve it for her clients! Many horses have been sought for former members of the riding school through Annie, who has a great eye for horses.

If you are interested in our training and schooling services, OR if you would like us to source your perfect horse – please contact us,


Experiencing the beautiful landscape and terrain of Beara is amazing on horseback. Its peace, tranquility, beauty and serenity makes Tir na Hilan a perfect spot for a leisurely hack; choose quiet country laneways or more upbeat treks and canters up the bog or the forestry lane.

Riders with different levels of experience will be accompanied by at least two guides. This means the group can split up for some of the hack, allowing the experienced riders to go for a canter with one guide whilst the second guide stays with the less experienced party.

We ensure everyone feels comfortable with the pace of the ride. If necessary, small children or beginner riders can be taken on a lead rein. For the nervous or first timers, we take your safety seriously and will organise helpers and staff to personally lead you for the hour.

All riding activities take place outdoors. All rides are guided. We supply riding hats, hat liners and boots. Riders should wear sensible outdoor clothing and comfortable trousers. Please bring your own footwear must be a closed shoe with a solid block heel. Please note we ride in all weathers on the exception of weather warnings. if you cancel your trek 48 hours before the trek you will be required to pay the full fee.

Our treks are mainly 1 hour duration but we can accommodate those who want a longer 2 hour treks. €30 per person per hour,  with a discount on groups of 5+. single supplement fee applies for singe riders

Looking for a more challenging experience? We offer both half day treks and full day treks over Ireland’s first ever Bridle Path. Please contact us at Lios Lara for further information.

Riding Lessons

Here at Lios Lara we offer riding lessons for all ages and abilities in a large outdoor all-weather arena. Lessons are either one-to-one or in small group sessions.
A film of a recent after school lesson.

Private Lessons

Private lessons offered range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Private lessons are great for beginners and newcomers just starting out. One-on-one time with the instructor focuses the rider on getting the basics before joining group lessons. We recommend new riders to get up to 3 private lessons before attending group lessons so we can help them achieve their standards for an appropriate group. Not only for beginners, private tuition can also be very beneficial for advanced riders and horse owners wanting to goal set and achieve higher levels.

We also accommodate semi-private lessons. Children and adults welcome.
Prices range from €20 to €40 both children and adults 

Group Lessons

Group lessons vary in length; 2.5 hour group sessions for our mini-saddle clubbers and 3 hour group sessions for our intermediate and advanced horse clubbers. Our group lessons are designed to make riders feel part of our club. Riders learn to groom, tack up their own horse, care for their animal, stable management and yard duties. Group lessons have an important social aspect for our riders as the setting encourages the making of new friends and the strengthening of bond between horse and rider. Lessons generate an abundance of confidence and knowledge of horsemanship, invaluable for those that eventually decide to buy their own pony or horse. Children and adults welcome.
Price from €25 per person for children, €30 per person for adults 

Therapeutic sessions

Connection between a horse and a rider can be very strong, horses proven to have a positive and calming effect on people. Within the positive atmosphere here at Lios Lara stables, we can help de-stress anyone after a tough day by arranging therapeutic pony sessions which cater for everyone’s needs, disabilities and requirements. It can involve brushing and grooming the pony, to taking the pony for walks or some basic riding. Children and adults welcome.
Prices range from €20 to €40 both children and adults 

Stable management

Although group lessons include stable management, we also offer one-to-one or group sessions for practical or theory work. This is extremely beneficial for either the horse owner themselves or students preparing for exams in Pony club or BHS.
Prices range from €20 to €40 both children and adults

“ We make all our lessons a positive learning experience for horse and rider through a clear and positive teaching style “

If you would like to book any of these lessons, please contact us to make an appointment. Family discounts apply.

Click here to download our riders form.